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Automatic LED Strip PCB Depaneling Machine / PCB Separation 400mm

Product Details

Place of Origin: JiangSu

Brand Name: YUSH

Certification: CE, RUV Rheinland (China), GMC(GlobalMarket),ISO9001-2000

Model Number: YSVC-2

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: 6800-9800 USD

Packaging Details: Plywooden case

Delivery Time: 3 days

Payment Terms: T/T ,Paypal ,West Union ,L/C ,D/P .

Supply Ability: 300 sets/ month

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400mm PCB Depaneling Machine

Automatic LED Strip PCB Depaneling Machine / PCB Separation 400mm


Automatic LED Strip PCB Depaneling Machine / PCB Separation 400mm


PCB Depanelizer Machine Specification :


Using the new gas electric light weight design, built-in SERISOR, completed no shear stress plate cutting


once, The machine is especially suitable for cutting precision SMD or sheet. Without Bow waves and micro


cracks which produced when using no circular knife type to cut. Using the wedge tool to cut board linearly,


and minimize the shear stress , so the sensitive SMD components, and even the capacitor can be not


affected, and minimize potential quality risk. Plate cutting stroke below 1MM, no operation safety


concerns, cutting tool is made of high speed steel precision grinding, and can repeat grinding, also


suitable for sheet metal without V-CUT board operation.

PCB Depanelizer Machine Feature:


1. Double straight knife cutting, quite suitable for separating precise SMD sheet and aluminum board.

2. Guillotine type, and suitable for various thickness PCB, plate cutting stroke below 2mm, no operation safety concerns.

3. The internal stress which is produced during cutting drop to below180uE, In order to avoid split, and

prevent precision parts damaged.

4. Can cut the board which the width between the V groove edge and parts is 0.3mm, height is 60mm.

5. The cutting tool can be repeated grinding freely after wearing.


PCB Depanelizer MachineSpecification:


Maximum length of the board: 300mm / 400mm
Package Size: 720mm(L)*300mm(W)*440(H)
Thickness: 0.50~3.5mm
Power supply: 220VAC / 110V
Working air pressure: 0.4——0.6Mpa
Weight: 189 kg
Scope of application: All V-CUT SMD PCB board

Automatic LED Strip PCB Depaneling Machine / PCB Separation 400mm 0


PCB Depanelizer Machine Characteristics:

1. The rate of segmentation is 1 separation per second, and is controled by the pedal pneumatic switch .

2. Cutting knife group as a passive start, can be safely grasp cutting line and its position; cutting stress is


small, and not easy to form the cracking phenomena.

3. Non roller (roller cutter, samtech cutting) cutting, no dust, no motor drive, no carbon pollution.

4. Non friction type cutting , no residual metal.

5. Blade using warranty 200000/ no power supply, so there is no loss of electrical products, and no



6. Cutting tool designs by the own company , does not need to import and with high effective .

7. By using of 4-5KG air compressor, it can be used unneccessary a specific cutting site; And the


appearance of the machine maintains by wiping oil avoiding rusting.