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1230L 1100W Desiccant Dry Box for SMT Protect Component , Highly Efficient Insulation

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: YUSH

Certification: CE,ROHS, FCC

Model Number: YSPC-1A

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set

Price: negotiation

Packaging Details: Plywooden case

Delivery Time: 5-10 days

Payment Terms: Ex works . FOB

Supply Ability: 1000 set /week

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Desiccant Dry Cabinet


electronic dry box

1230L 1100W Desiccant Dry Box for SMT Protect Component , Highly Efficient Insulation

1230L 1100W Desiccant Dry Box for SMT Protect Component , Highly Efficient Insulation


GHA series features ultra-low wet Electronic Cabinets

Advanced ultra wet host patented technology and highly efficient insulation materials , excellent insulation, so that the lowest

energy consumption .

Advanced PTC heating and air circulation inside , making the heat evenly. Stable , so that the switch door cabinet humidity fast

 recovery settings. Reliable 50 ℃ +2% RH environment .

After using this cabinet , no longer need to pre- bake : to prevent the emergence of a variety of potentially defective products .


 Due to mild baking : dehumidification of various SMD does not cause any damage. Right inside the storage element moisturizing


 effect: within a component . External heat evenly to prevent stored goods out of the box within one hour after moisture

Product Type : YSPC-1A

Technical parameters:

Dimensions (W * D * H): W1200 * D690 * H1830mm
Internal Dimensions (W * D * H): W1155 * D640 * H1660mm
Capacity : 1230L
Shelf : 5
Power supply : 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz adaptive
Power: 1100W
Color: gray and black
Humidity control range : 5% RH-40% RH
Temperature control range: -50 ℃ room temperature
Accuracy: Humidity : ± 3% RH, Temperature : ± 1 ℃
Display: High brightness LED full-screen , warm. Humidity independent display
Anti-static coefficient : 106-108
Antistatic castors
Ground wire : 1MΩ ( length : 800 mm)
◆ Main technical characteristics

Humidity Sensor: American original brand honeywell error is less than ± 2% RH precision humidity sensor . Module design,high precision and high stability.

Temperature and humidity control and display : Precision LED digital full-screen display . Temperature display : -9 ℃ ~ 99 ℃,accuracy ± 1 ℃. Humidity display : 0% ~ 99% R. Accuracy ± 3% RH. Display accuracy and stability, long service life.

Humidity Built central controller modular design , avoid touching extremely dangerous , safe and reliable. Humidity setting with memory function , no need to reset after power failure . Microcomputer automatic operation, without human careDehumidification Host : With technical cooperation with Japan , preclude the use of imported polymer hygroscopic material , and was Chinese patents. Imports of high-temperature plastic shell particles repression. Durable without deformation.

Power system: preclude the use of a UL CE certified power supply Switching power supply system
Cabinet structure: Material : 1.0mm high quality steel enclosure with several automatic punch presses and CNC sheet metal equipment production, manufacture of high precision, good airtight enclosure . Cabinet surface preclude the use of imported resin ,automatic powder coating line spraying. Good quality and appearance .

Bottom of the cabinet fitted with 360 ˚ rotation with brake casters for easy mobility and fixed .
Door Window: door window press-fit 5.0mm high-strength tempered glass door handle integrated with planar pressurizedhigh-strength locking handle with anti-theft feature .

Load Shelf : Shelf with reinforced structure design , high strength material load , uniformly distributed load up to 100kg loadbearing strength , the height of the gap can put the items height adjustable. Make it easier for storage . More space efficient .

Dehumidification principle: Electronic Cabinets dehumidification host using environmentally friendly absorbent polymer material , the use of shape memory alloy systems dehumidification method , a unique patented technology, with intelligent microcomputer program control system . Simply set the desired humidity control after . Devices work automatically . Cover with high temperature flame-retardant materials , to eliminate safety hazards occur . Automatic power-off moisture designs , you can still use of chemical absorption -bit features to dampness, humidity rises within 24 hours does not exceed 10%. No damp, no heat , no dripping saving,

 long service life.

The traditional method of high-temperature baking problems

1 Some SMD devices and the motherboard should not be prolonged high-temperature baking .


2 Some MSD tape and is not suitable for high-temperature baking trays , if the material first and then remove the baking , the efficiency is very low.


3 For other SMD devices , the higher the temperature , MSD aging is more serious. Even if they can withstand prolonged high temperature baking, will still produce a potential heat damage and is easily oxidized , or generated inside the device junction intermetallic compounds , which affect device weldability.


4 high temperature baking only once , immediately after baking process used in order to prevent the device from moisture repeated .

With the IPC / JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 launch , making the low temperature wet + Cabinets + because of its unique dehumidification baking ( room temperature -50 ℃) dual function , being more and more attention. Our ultra-low temperature wet in ElectronicCabinets are ultra wet Cabinets in Great series based on the increase of 50 ℃ heat drying function , the discharge of water canbe strengthened. If the temperature range of electronic Cabinets disposed at every production process , not only because of thermal stress can be completely prevented and the adverse products, and processes can be simplified , greatly reduce the production costs.

◆ Use

Major stores various forms of integrated circuits (IC) as a monolithic, LSI LSI, VLSI VLSI, Bipolar, MDS, CCD, MCM, DIP, SOP, SSOP,TSOP, VSOP, SDIP, SIP, SOJ , SVP, QFJ, CSP, KGD, PGA, QFP, TCP, LCA and BGA packaging. prevent moisture layered PCB board ,prevent SMD humidity sensor due to damp resulting in damaged during soldering SMT production lines in use .. MSD devices in storage and intermediate goods store .


1230L 1100W Desiccant Dry Box for SMT Protect Component , Highly Efficient Insulation 0